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Do colder temperatures affect lifespan? Depends on genetics

New research could have applications in aging therapies for humans Why do we age? Despite more than a century of research, and a vast industry of youth-promising products, what causes our cells and organs to deteriorate with age is still unknown. One known factor is temperature: Many animal species live longer at lower temperature than… Read More »

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Type 2 diabetes: How do fructose-sweetened drinks affect risk?

A new review of existing studies published in The BMJ finds that sugary drinks that contain fructose raise the risk of type 2 diabetes more than other fructose-containing foods. New research finds that ‘nutrient-poor’ sweetened drinks have a harmful effect on metabolic health when they add excess energy. A range of recent studies has pointed… Read More »

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How does snoring affect your sleep quality and how to snore less

Good sleep quality is a precondition for normal functioning of every human being. If you don’t get enough sleep, you would feel tired all day. Then you would fall asleep and the fatigue of the yesterday will produce snoring. After being tensed all day, your muscles will relax as soon as you lie in your… Read More »

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