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A Literal Cat Strutted Down a Fashion Show Catwalk and It's the Best Thing You'll See All Day

Getty ImagesPaula Daniëlse Fashion shows are sometimes quite stuffy and serious events, but the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey had a seriously fun and cute thanks to a stray cat that wandered onto the runway. In a video originally shared on Instagram, you can see the adorable cat chilling on the runway as… Read More »

He Almost Couldn’t Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle. What Is Causing His Leaden Feet?

Diagnosis A new series from The New York Times and Netflix. Help Dr. Lisa Sanders get to the bottom of unsolved medical mysteries. The 60-year-old man held tight to his daughter’s arm as they waited for their cue to walk down the gravel path of the garden to the altar where the bridegroom waited. As… Read More »