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7 easy success hacks this neuroscientist does every day

Success often looks easy, but certain tiny tweaks to your day can help wire your brain towards it, says neuroscientist, Dr Tara Swart. Here’s what she does daily Is your brain getting in the way of your dreams and goals? Dr Tara Swart has the solution, backed up by cognitive science, to how we can… Read More »

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How to match into dermatology: A medical student shares her success story

I didn’t match dermatology the first time. It was a harrowing experience, and I had a chip on my shoulder until the day I opened my match envelope. The reality is that in the last ten years, dermatology has become the most competitive specialty in medicine. Hundreds of extremely qualified applicants are disappointed each year. Therefore,… Read More »

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How analytics can help boost the success of EHR go-lives

New electronic health record rollouts are infamously fraught with risk. At best, a they can cause workflow disruption, confusion among clinical staff and other minor inefficiencies. At worst, they can necessitate a temporary return to paper records, cost millions in remedial IT projects – or cause serious sentinel events. As John Rekart, chief of quality… Read More »

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