Toddler Ariana Grande Belting Out Celine Dion Songs Is All You Need to Warm Your Heart on This Cold Winter Day

By | December 23, 2018

If you, like most of the pop music loving population, have been listening to Ariana Grande’s songs “imagine” and “thank u, next” on repeat for the last two weeks, then you’ll know that she is an ultra-talented singer. And thanks to some videos that Ari just uploaded, we now know that it was pretty much always like that!

Yesterday Ariana posted two of the *most* adorable vids of her as a toddler singing along to Celine Dion songs with her mom in the car. And yes, they are just as cute as they sound, with Ariana’s little baby lisp and her shouting, “Put it from the beginning Fwankie!” at her brother. She also makes some super intense and focused toddler faces as she belts out lyrics that she clearly knows by heart:

Ari also posted another vid from this original version of carpool karaoke, with her and her mom singing a Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion duet, in which Ariana adorably insists that she gets to be Barbra:

So basically, Ariana was always destined to be a pop star, and she needs to do a duet with Celine ASAP.

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